The Soft Bladed Axe

weapon (ranged)

Attack: 1 to attack rolls made with this axe
Damage: 1d4
1 Slashing
Critical: 1d4 Slashing (Exploding dice)
Range: 20/60 ft (4/12 squares)
Weight: 2 lbs.

Special: While attuned to this axe and aligned to its will, your martial arts damage dice “explode”, which is to say if you roll maximum on the die you re-roll and total them up. If you deal lethal damage to a sentient creature while using the axe, this feature will not work until you take a short rest and re-attune.


You know this axe to have a will of its own – and that will to be a peaceful one. The philosophical complexities this weapon represents are worth pondering on, and probably spark a fair amount of self-reflection in Allariah. It is intended as an implement that causes harm – yet despite having clearly awesome destructive powers it restrains itself and aims for as peaceful a resolution as possible.

The Soft Bladed Axe

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