Basin Bitches

Journal Entry - Session 2
Hustle and Tussle

We staked out overnight trying to see if anyone entered or exited the cave we were in. Unfortunately, the most exciting thing to happen last night was having to scare off a couple of wolves. I would have preferred to kill them but it seems like Allariah has something against doing that. I thought she just didn't like killing animals but she hunted some rabbits for us this morning. So I guess she just doesn't like killing dangerous predators that are threatening us. Seems reasonable to me!

She found a path towards an old outpost while she was hunting. Seems like a nicer place to rest up than where we're currently camping out. Unfortunately the neighbors aren't so great. Undead. Lots of them. Luckily they're stupid and pretty easily distracted. Also pretty frail given how easily the others were knocking them around. Hell, I even managed to take one down!

I'm concerned about this Xola character. I've never had anyone call me out on the Mathers bit before. We might be overstepping our bounds, but we've got bunks for the night. I'm impressed that the others were able to roll with the lie. They didn't miss a beat. Kae's crying was a nice touch, not sure we would have gotten in without it. They're good allies, with a bit of work they could become quite an impressive team of hustlers.

Journal Entry - Session 1
Not a Great Day

You know when you have a bad day? Usually it's just like… your hair is a mess and you spill something on your new cloak. I would kill to have a day like that. Just one normal day where I'm not being sent on some weird wild goose chase, and I'm not waking up in the body of a smelly goblin. You'd think that when you're a goblin you wouldn't be able to smell the fact that you're a smelly goblin but let me tell you, you can most definitely smell the fact that you are a smelly goblin.

Also there is something really unsettling about having to murder yourself. If I never have to do that again, it will be too soon. I'm glad it actually worked out and I'm back in my normal body though. I didn't really think it through, seeing whatever was in my body just made me angry. These two women are interesting to say the least. I guess I should be thankful that they didn't murder me while I was a goblin. Both of them could have done it very easily. I saw the taller one angrily punch a rock and I'm pretty sure she liquified it.

The short one seems like my kind of person. Sneaky and conniving. I'm having a harder time getting a read on the taller one. She hasn't said much, and I don't think I've ever actually seen her smile. She's tough as nails though, I'll give her that much. I didn't have much of a plan for the confrontation, but it sounds like these two are headed to Tryskal as well. I could definitely use the extra muscle in case things go wrong.

Not that things ever go wrong for me right?

Ugh. I can still smell the goblin on me.

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