The Basin is mostly inhabited by humans. It is not known if it was this way before the cataclysm, or if this has only been since, but humans are the most commonly found civilized race. They are diverse, simple, and superstitious. Ambitious humans are likely to lean towards military service, clergy work, or academic studies; while most are content in mundane jobs that make them a decent living like farming or shopkeeping.

Dwarves were not uncommon before the doors to their home closed, but are now generally met with distrust. Many people – especially those of or closely related to Buckthorne – believe that the Dwarves' closing their gates was somehow related to the great flood that devastated Buckthorne. Dwarves are naturally suited for physically challenging work and the rigid life of military service or clergy work. It is rare to see dwarves occupy a middling position, they are either front liners and physical grunts, or high ranking generals/priests.

Elves of "pure blood" are almost unheard of. As the longest living members of the civilized races, they were likely hit hardest by the mind fog that proceeds the unknown cataclysm. They were always looked to as sources of wisdom and guidance, but the longest living ones that remain are addled, whimsical creatures. They are known to wander aimlessly, pursuing cheap thrills and comforts, flitting between various intensities of dissociative fugue and indifferent vague lucidity. They rarely integrate well with society, but this isn't often a problem for them given their ability to co-exist with nature. Some elves have been known to survive time in the Tanglewoods, but have never revealed anything about the place. It's uncertain if they are withholding information, or unable to muster the memory capacity.

Mixed blood elves are less intrinsically affected by the mind fog, even if they are older than the cataclysm. While some full blooded elves would look down on them for being less "evolved", and many humans would be jealous of them for their long lives and natural charisma, they are making a good time of their full blooded ancestors being relatively out of commission. They still remain likely to be less conforming to human society and prefer to indulge their curiosity and wanderlust however – and will happily make their lives as skim-rats for the luxuries it affords them, as they are less concerned with the judgment of others. And in fairness, given their naturally aesthetical features – less likely to receive it. They generally inherit more traits from their mother, and it can take a couple of generations to be considered a "half-elf" rather than just an elf with less pure blood.

Half-Orcs are rarely accepted, wanted, or considered acceptable to any degree. Orcs are enemies of the people, and half breeds are usually the results of unfortunate circumstances during raids. Ones with more human features are sometimes not killed, and taught to hide their true heritage as much as possible. Obviously this leads to a whole lot of resentment, and it's not unheard of for survivors to leave their unaccepting homes and travel to Moradin's end in hopes of finding acceptance and a place to indulge their natures uninhibited. (Goliaths/Half Giants are a whole lot rarer, and worse off)


Unprecedented normal races: Dragonborn, Gnomes, Halflings, Tieflings

These races - while common in regular settings - are not known of in the Basin. Gnomes and Halflings could potentially be passed off as malnourished or ill dwarves to non-dwarves, but a true Dwarf is likely to know something is wrong there. They're more likely to be assumed to be trained goblins or something. Dragonborn and Tieflings are likely to be feared as monsters, and even if they are not met with outright hostility, they are still going to be heavily scrutinized by all and treated far less fairly. #racism


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