Basin Bitches

Journal Entry Session 1

Allariah - Goblins!

After a cloudless few nights, I found myself on the edges of an unfamiliar forest. According to what I can recall, I should be about two days out of Triskol, but at this point I’m really not sure. This damn forest is playing tricks on me it seems. It’s strange here, the air itself feels different. I have found an obliging tree to make camp in overnight, and hope that I remain well hidden. I can’t shake the feeling that I am being watched.


Goblins. How did those bloody goblins track me?! I have been tracked and trapped once before… but those were trained individuals. I shouldn’t have been found, least of all by goblins. I must be getting sloppy. Come morning I will meditate on my mistakes. I hope I am not becoming too distant from master’s teachings. At least I was able to teach them the gravity of their mistake.

To complicate matters further, I seem to have gained some unwelcome luggage.  A child, perhaps about twelve, who seems to have had an extremely rough upbringing (could have sworn she was a Halfling the way she carries herself), and a half elf that talks far too much. In my rage and frustration at being captured I may have been too hard on him. He seems to have been the victim of some kind of illusion magic or strange experiment, and all I could do was focus on my anger. I must do better. Master would not be proud of that. In any case, they are slowing me down. I have to get to Triskol before I am discovered. I know the monastery can’t have let me escape with no consequence.


Pargile cassjenkins

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