Basin Bitches

Journal Entry Session 2

Allariah - Wolves again

Wolves came to me in the night. I was able to scare them off, with a little help, but the encounter still weighs on my mind. I was dreaming again before Aros woke us, the howling was still in my ears as I rose. In their eyes I could feel the dream calling out to me, the universal message un-mistakable in their gaze. If only I knew what it all meant.

I could not let those two starve, so I hunted in the morning. The land here is bountiful and rich. Clearly the reach of civilisation hasn’t yet despoiled this particular forest. I was right, we are on the edge of the Tanglewoods, though much further south than I had intended. As I write this, I am inside a somewhat comfortable room in a military outpost. I came across the path in my morning ranging, and after an encounter with some un-dead and some deception by the talkative Aros, they have allowed us to stay, under supervision. If this outpost is any indication of the state of the city, perhaps I have been mis-guided in my hopes.

There is something amiss among the soldiers stationed here. They are accommodating for humans, but there seems to be a rather shameful lack of order among the troops. From what I have read I expected a military unit to behave on a similar disciplinary level to a monastery. Second Lieutenant Xola appears to have the run and respect of the place, I dearly hope that we make a good impression on her. Things may turn sour very quickly for us if we don’t, and I can’t afford to make too memorable an impression here, especially something that may sully my ability to enter the city.


Pargile cassjenkins

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