Central military powerhouse. Lots of farm land, central to trade routes and high population. Militia members from here are often sent out to other regions to maintain order.


Northen city of many exports. Tough and grim people, often at odds with other cities. They set the trends of the basin for the most part but are generally separate and aloof.


Underground Dwarven city. The gates have been closed for nearly 100 years, and no one knows why. People blame the floods on the dwarves, but even those stuck on the surface deny any involvement.


Towered fortress of knowledge and worship. It stands isolated on the coastline, and while the outer town is open to travelers there are few who are allowed access to the inner keeps, where all the salvaged lore of old is kept.


Riverside shanty town. Rogues and merchants are skimford regulars, hoping to skim rare treasures that flow down the river from the demon springs. Those who stay here long enough to be stained by the strange pinky red waters are called skim-rats and often looked down on.


Floating city of nobles. Buckthorne was once the pinacle of wealth and arcane power, but a great flood washed the city out to sea. It was largely kept intact by virtue of its magical defenses, but is gradually sinking, and only a shadow of its former self.

Tsool Archipelago 

Nomadic pirates and traders. The Tsool call no single settlement their home, instead traveling around the archipelago and raiding smaller mainland settlements and fishermen.


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