There is no extensive history of life in the basin, as a couple of centuries previous a great cataclysm of unknown origin befell the land, destroying most magitechnology and vast amounts of stored knowledge. Most books from before this period have been lost, and ones that even partially survived are relics of immense value. No one knows what the event was that robbed the basin of so much of its knowledge, but due to this it is assumed to be an arcane event brought about by unchecked sorcerous experiments.

As such, while arcane magic is still respected and feared, it does not hold the status one might usually expect from a fantasy setting. Wizards are rarer and most often servants — magical body guards to the nobles of Buckthorne. Most choose to suppress any magical arcane power they muster, or at least keep it relatively secretive. Wanting to train as a mage, and improve arcane talents is almost unheard of outside of Buckthorne. The number of powerful, independent wizards known to the world could be counted on your fingers.

Following this shift in knowledge and arcane magic being left to atrophy, the world regressed somewhat. Orcs and goblins — threats once kept easily at bay by machines and magic — were once again becoming real threats to people. Tryskall managed to remain a bastion of defense and safety despite suffering goblin attacks from the south, orcs and giants to the north, and Morozrot's attempts to use these attacks to take control of Tryskall's land and trade routes — but they were unable to repel any incursions until the Dwarves of Únt-auz took up arms against the orcs.

With the Dwarven armies dealing with the orcs and giants, Tryskall was able to rally and flush the goblin hordes out of their warrens and back into the Tanglewoods. Morozrot suffered terrible economic fallout for their actions, and was forced to submit to Tryskall. Tryskal was now looked to as the defenders of the realm, and with their hugely bolstered armies they were in a place to do it. They thrived.

With most threats to life dealt with, there came The Time of Building. Economies re-stabilised, people had time to establish what they knew of the old world and life went back to some semblance of normality. The elves and dwarves that were alive from before the catastrophe still had little idea of what happened and could only confirm a mind fog around the event.

While most elves accepted this and took it in their stride, the dwarves were hard hit by this, as creatures of the natural world an un-natural tampering sat ill with them. The time of Building ended with them sealing off Ünt-auz's great stone doors with no warning or sign as to why, and no sign since. Even the dwarves left on the surface know not why and are stuck on the surface, cut off from their homes, families, everything they once knew.


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