The High Plains

The Basin is surrounded by impossibly huge cliffs. Settled on the top of these cliffs, never dissipating, is a dense mist. Parents tell their children stories of plainsmen as a boogyman type thing who will "get them" if they stay out too late and don't eat their vegetables.


The Tanglewoods take up a huge portion of the basin, a dense forest with a huge amount of superstition attached to them. Everyone knows not to venture too far in, or the horrible monsters and ghosts and who knows what else living in there will make short work of you. Many believe it to be the original birth place of full blooded elves, but as there are so few of them it's hard to get any answers, if they even know themselves.

Bring no axe nad leave no tracks,          
         or The Tanglewoods will know.
Journey quick and play no tricks,         
         Or The Unseelie will show.

Forlorn Fields

The huge open stretch to the south of Tryskal used to be dotted with smaller settlements of trappers, loggers, etc. These have mostly been abandoned since the goblin warrens started popping up around there, and even though the goblins were driven back to the tanglewoods, people are still reluctant to move back. Not just because of goblins, but also fearful of what other horrors might burst forth from the woods.

The Flood Plains

Remenants of old Buckthorne before it was washed away in the great flood. The ruins are said to be haunted by the poor souls that died in the tragedy, who can't rest fully because of their hatred of the dwarves, and their resentment of the nobles and mages who didn't save them.

Five Fallows

A huge expanse of farmland to the north of Tryskal. This area is also used to train militia recruits, they do manual labour to harden their bodies, learn to care for their horses, and have a whole lot of muddy space to practice fighting in.

The Demon Springs

Water from the demon springs brings with it a range of oddities. Not only does the hue range from blood red to neon pink, but it is clearly magical in nature, just beyond current understanding. Occasionally rare ore deposits, or crystals can be found in the stream — on even rarer occasions one might even find some old magical equipment! The effects of prolonged exposure do not seem to be harmful to anything, save one's pride if labeled a skim-rat.

Moradin's End

A series of outcroppings, crags, valleys, and otherwise odd arrangements. It's a very dense and deadly area that few venture into. Orcs and giants have been known to make their homes there.

The Stone Forest

Pillars of stone stand above the dwarven city, it's super eerie and about as close as you can get to the high plains. Though "Can" is optimistic at best.


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